Array is the first ever passive DeFi protocol, aimed at long term, consistent growth. Array is token and protocol agnostic, which allows it to constantly be modified to grab safe yield, diversifying your DeFi. One click enters an Array portfolio, exposing you to dozens of yield farms and assets, which rebalance automatically.

Our Roadmap

Currently, we have a 2 phase plan for Array.

  • Phase 0 — Phase 0 launches our internal liquidity pools, Array tokens, and several pre-built portfolio options using algorithmic weighting. This forms the groundwork to build an easily composable and scalable system. …

As we approach launch, we’d like to share the details of what we’ve been working on, as well as how to use the Array protocol to passively invest+earn safe, longer-term yields in DeFi.

We’ve been hard at work perfecting the Array contracts to be not only gas efficient, but also safe. This means a lot of testing using Brownie, an EVM testing suite written in Python. With Brownie, we don’t have to play around with a testnet, as it mirrors the main Ethereum chain directly. This allows us to test as if the Array contracts are live. …

Hello everyone! We’re back with another update newsletter. As usual, being quiet in the Discord means we’re hard at work in the background!

This week, we built a lot of contracts, spent time tweaking some algorithms, and finished our first DAO vote.


50% WBTC and 50% renBTC passed at 84.09%, and all BTC collateral will be managed at this 50/50 ratio at the current time. This ratio opens up liquidity opportunities with protocols like Curve, and a vote for this will be proposed in the coming weeks to generate interest which can later be earned by staking Array tokens…

We reached our funding goal!

Since the last update, the core team has been extremely busy. Within a few days of launching our alpha CCO, we reached our 1 million DAI goal! This was incredible and the team is extremely grateful that the DeFi community supports the idea that we’re trying to deploy and develop. On top of this, we’ve seen an incredible amount of growth in our Discord. Now that we’ve reached our goal way ahead of schedule, we can begin working on things that were planned for Q2, and get them rolled out earlier than anticipated!

Currently, we’re processing the DAO proposals. We…

We’ve been very busy this week. We’ve been working on a complete website overhaul, smart contract development, and finalizing project collaborations. We’ve also been building our new frontend with some top designers over at RaidGuild. We’re happy where the new look is going and hope to build the easiest DeFi experience with it soon! Research and unit tests are wrapping up with our full whitepaper, but since we are quietly opening the CCO for our day 1 supporters, we’d like to share more details.

Read our tokenomics litepaper here.

The Array token, in numbers

Hard cap of 100,000 tokens, on…

Welcome to our first newsletter for Array! Through the coming weeks, we’ll be giving weekly updates on how the project is coming along. Through these newsletters, we’ll also be giving important information regarding the rollout of Array and any new features that we might be adding.

Array is an automated portfolio management service for all of your DeFi needs. You’ll be able to passively invest into DeFi protocols without getting your profit eaten by gas fees. Array is focused on long-term collaboration and working together in the DeFi universe. …

array is an automated DeFi index, using algorithmic weighting to maximize yield with minimal risk. Learn more at

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